Your Share of a $13 Trillion Pie…

Here are some figures…

  • US Gross Domestic Product (what is produced in real dollar terms by our economy) = $19 Trillion
  • Share that consumers contribute to that number = 70% or $13.3 Trillion
  • Combined Revenue of the Fortune 500 (largest 500 business in US) = $12 Trillion

How can you get a bigger share of the $13.3 Trillion pie?

Well, think about it….

Why are the Fortune 500 at the top of the “economic” food chain???

It’s because they play the role of “producer” vs. “consumer”…

Simply put, they generate more in revenue from “producing” goods and services (than they do from) consuming goods and services–they are “net” producers, not “net” consumers.

You know the formula:  REVENUE – EXPENSES = PROFITS

Could a person follow this formula? Certainly.


If you want to change the balance of the “economic” food chain, you have to assume the role of being a “net” producer so that you can create margin.

If you think differently than how we are traditionally taught, which is….

  1. “go to school” and “get a good education”, so that
  2. you can get a job “working for someone”

Now there’s nothing inherently wrong with that (many of us have done it), EXCEPT that unless you are careful you end up never fulfilling your own dreams as you work on someone else’s…

Also, if you’re not careful you can allow this “routine” to suck you into the role of being a “net” consumer–spending most (if not all) of your income on lifestyle expenses (e.g. goods and services) that the producers are offering via the marketing machine…(oh that darn marketing machine!)

But, things can be different…

If you instead, build “margin” you essentially become a “net” producer you will begin to change the balance of the “economic” foodchain and share in some of that pie…

Just ask yourself…”If I can work on someone else’s dream this hard, how much harder can I work on my own?”

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