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FLBC 030: Financial Trends for 2017 & Beyond

Podcast Details: Podcast Title:  Financial Trends for 2017 & Beyond Podcast Series: Financial Literacy Boot Camp Video and illustrations available on our YouTube channel here.   Questions/Issues We’ll Address on this Episode: I  cover trends in investing, fintech, and regulation investors should be aware of. Helpful Links: Link to FinTech Summary article Link to DOL […]

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What is Your Financial Professional–A Broker or Fiduciary?

Summary:  Athletes understand “off-the-field” distractions.  None are probably worse than those of the financial variety.  Last April, the Department of Labor (DOL) decided that financial professionals giving advice for retirement assets must act in their client’s “best interest”.  Yes. You heard me right. Well, you may be thinking, “I thought my advisor was already acting in my […]

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