Why News Soundbytes Don’t Equal Actionable Advice

What do news headlines like this mean?

“Trade Wars with China Cause Drop in Dow”
“Interest Rate Fears Spook Investors”

Join me today as I discuss why the worst #investment #advice you can get is from the news and how you should interpret them

3 Overlooked (But Simple) Ways to Boost Portfolio Returns

TODAY’S TOPIC:  3 Overlooked (But Simple) Ways to Boost Portfolio Returns Hosted By: Dominique J. Henderson, Sr., CFP® (Send me an   email) Get Alerts at:  Link to Show Episode (For mobile users) February was a rough month in the markets…lots of volatility… And just in case you might be thinking what happens if the markets take […]

A Strategy Focused on “Total Return”…Finally!

From about 2010-2016, I spent most days scouring the markets for asset bargains and then used those “found” bargains to construct portfolios for retirees or pre-retirees. What follows are some of the key insights I gained during that period as a bond trader and portfolio manager.