Falling Down the Rabbit Hole–Don’t!

Many investors might be feeling a bit like Alice in Wonderland as they relate the feeling of fantastical events in today’s investment environment.  Similar to Alice, the boredom associated with the hum drum of market cycles often lull investors into ignoring signals of reality around them.  Like Alice, investors might find themselves succumbing to the […]

Great Portfolio Construction: The Case for Bonds

Back in December, I wrote about the 5 Keys to Great Portfolio construction.  I thought that based on the recent positive market performance, a lot of investors would start coming off the sidelines.  As an asset manager and investment consultant, I am always asked questions about the timing of investment and my answer is that “time […]

How Financially Literate are You? No, Really…

April is Financial Literacy month in America.  The real impetus behind this effort of a whole month of promoting financial literacy is to increase awareness around the subject.  Espousing healthy financial habits are just as necessary as having healthy eating and physical habits.  Can it be said that Americans care as much about their physical […]

Let “Un-Common” Sense Prevail

Sometimes I allow my mind to wander on topics such as, if different successful personalities were able to implement some of their strategies for our nation or the economy as a whole.  For example, what if Congress were required to exemplify the financial discipline Dave Ramsey espouses?  Or , what if all defined-benefit plans were converted to defined […]

Let’s Look at the Facts

Investor sentiment has driven the stock market to new lows in 2016.  However, investor sentiment is rarely reflective of market fundamentals (e.g. revenue and earnings growth).  I calculate an increase of nearly 64% for the S&P between the period of Jan 2011 to July 2015.  However over the same 4-year period corporate earnings have only increased […]

Using a Market Collapse to Benefit Your Portfolio

Finding opportunity in chaos is one timeless investment strategy that has been used by many saavy investors.  Recent events in the market prove that recent chaos is just as good an opportunity to benefit as any other time past.  Divergent monetary policy, commodity price implosions, mutual fund liquidations, and the list continues.  How could you […]

Higher Interest Rates…So What’s the Problem?Part 2

Last post I spent some time discussing the impact of higher interest rates on portfolio strategy for investors.  I thought that it might make sense to discuss possible global effects as opposed to individual portfolios.  There are many implications for how a given economy may respond to moves in key interest rates that has various portfolio implications […]