Creating Margin for the Life You Want - Part 1 - Experiencing Financial Contentment

Creating Margin for the Life You Want – Part 1

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Podcast Title:  Creating Margin for the Life You Want – Part 1

Podcast Series: The Maven’s Keys to Financial Contentment

The Maven’s Keys to Financial Contentment is my idea that true financial contentment can be found when an overlap of money and beliefs occur.  Many people ask the question of how to be “financially content” and this is a discussion to uncover those answers.


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  • So not so long ago I had a meeting with a client and we mutually agreed that our objective in working together was to “create enough margin for the life they wanted”. I thought this was a beautiful way to articulate how I view financial planning.
  • I often like to the think that if we focus on our why or the reason we are here that we can bring into focus what really matters. So financial planning is, in essence, a system to allocate limited resource across unlimited choices.
  • So I’m going to share the 2 questions I use in almost every meeting with a prospective client…

If all your needs were met (financially and otherwise), what would you be doing with your life?

If you were to take your last breath today, what wouldn’t people be able to say about you because you never go to do or be that thing?



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Dominique Henderson, CFP® is founder of DJH Capital Management, LLC., a fee-only, registered investment advisory firm specializing in comprehensive financial planning and wealth management.


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Dominique is owner of DJH Capital Management, LLC. a full service, comprehensive financial planning firm helping individuals build roadmaps to reach their financial dreams.

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