The Next 90 Days...Pulling Back the Covers - Experiencing Financial Contentment

The Next 90 Days…Pulling Back the Covers

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Podcast Title:  The Next 90 Days…Pulling Back the Covers

Podcast Series: The Maven’s Keys to Financial Contentment

The Maven’s Keys to Financial Contentment is my idea that true financial contentment can be found when an overlap of money and beliefs occur.  Many people ask the question of how to be “financially content” and this is a discussion to uncover those answers.

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Three Big Announcements….


I greatly appreciate all the support (close to 4000 downloads every month).  I’ll be posting more to the blog going forward and using it as the primary method of communication, so make sure you follow us on Social Media…


One-show format coming in the near future to make the process more efficient and combine the two shows/platforms into one digestible podcast about Financial Literacy, Economic Empowerment, and Personal Development.


  1. I’m so close to releasing the e-book very soon.  Stay tuned for more details.  I will be taking the topics we’ve discussed on this show and combining it with my story AND practices I use with my clients to deliver you some simple steps on how to take control of your finances.  More to come!!!


About Me:
Dominique Henderson, CFP® is founder of DJH Capital Management, LLC., a fee-only, registered investment advisory firm specializing in comprehensive financial planning and wealth management.


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The Maven of Financial Literacy

Dominique is owner of DJH Capital Management, LLC. a full service, comprehensive financial planning firm helping individuals build roadmaps to reach their financial dreams.

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