Goals, Goals, Goals - Part 1 - Experiencing Financial Contentment

Goals, Goals, Goals – Part 1

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Podcast Title:  Goals, Goals, Goals – Part 1

Podcast Series: The Maven’s Keys to Financial Contentment

The Maven’s Keys to Financial Contentment is my idea that true financial contentment can be found when an overlap of money and beliefs occur.  Many people ask the question of how to be “financially content” and this is a discussion to uncover those answers.


 The first step in reaching your goals is to DREAM.  The dream is the essence of your GOAL FORMATION.
A common theme in our society is saving for retirement.  But where do you begin?  GOAL FORMATION.
Spending some time on GOAL FORMATION is the first step in how you would attack how much money needs to be saved, such as:
  • What do you want your lifestyle in retirement to be…
  • How much money would that take…
  • How long you need to work to fulfill that…
  • What do you want to do in retirement…
  • What do you want to achieve… 
As we’ve mentioned before in Financial YOU (listen to part 1, part 2, part 3 or part 4), the first step to attacking any problem would be to assess your current situation before you can address any issues that you notice, make the necessary adjustments and then achieve what you want.  So this is pretty common to goal setting and achievement.

About Me:
Dominique Henderson, CFP® is founder of DJH Capital Management, LLC., a fee-only, registered investment advisory firm specializing in comprehensive financial planning and wealth management.


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The Maven of Financial Literacy

Dominique is owner of DJH Capital Management, LLC. a full service, comprehensive financial planning firm helping individuals build roadmaps to reach their financial dreams.

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