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3 Steps to Becoming a More Effective Leader

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Podcast Title:  3 Steps to Becoming a More Effective Leader

Podcast Series: Financial Literacy Boot Camp

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  • Empower people…provide inspiration that ignites a person’s internal motivation.

Strengths overextended become weaknesses.

No organization can rise past the level of the leadership’s constraints.


  • Don’t push your agenda…look for buy-in and feedback from your team so they feel valuable also.  Use your natural charm or charisma to “present an idea” vs. “pushing an agenda”.

If you are a leader and you look up and no one is following you you were just taking a walk.

  • Listen to perspectives but make your own decisions…be confident in what you believe or stand for and don’t be easily offended with alternative views.

 Some of the world’s best solutions have come from differing opinions or perspectives.

When you get offended by what someone says it looks defensive.

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