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Tools for Your Personal Development

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Podcast Title:  Tools for Your Personal Development
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So on today’s show, I wanted to wind-up this series on “Solutions to the Career Transition” by talking about some things I have come across that will be helpful in your personal development.

Understand the difference between the necessary and the important…

  • Very successful people say “no” a lot more than they say “yes”
  • Very successful people prioritize things that are necessary (essential to life or their purpose) and focus on those things.  Important things (relevant, but not essential) receive less attention.  This is key in avoiding distractions and maintaining your focus.

To get a “return” on yourself, you have to “invest” in yourself…

  • Very successful people have invested and continue to invest large amounts of time into their personal development.  This is done consistently and intentionally.
  • Personal development is in direct correlation to your personal wealth. If you aren’t as wealthy as you want to be, then spend more time developing yourself.

Always be accountable to a higher standard…

  • Very successful people don’t allow their character to limit their opportunities.  Opportunity won’t take you where your character can’t sustain you…  You can’t be “two-faced” while rising to the top…not for long.
  • Very successful people have people around them that they trust and respect that call out their “blind spots”.  Not being aware of blind spots causes some of the worst traffic fatalities.  This is also true for career or personal failures.

Your energy for anything will be tied to how passionate you are about it, so FIND YOUR PURPOSE!

  • Very successful people have found their reason for being on this earth and this affords them the highest level of fulfillment/contentment you can find in life.  If you chase money, your level of contentment (if attained) will be fleeting, but if you chase a passion that is tied to helping others, you will always be fulfilled.
  • Very successful people realize that we as humans are designed to be in community with other people because a natural energy transfer comes from those interactions.

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