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The Evolution of the Retirement Landscape

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Podcast Title:  The Evolution of the Retirement Landscape
Podcast Series: Financial Literacy Boot Camp
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So I recently penned an article entitled:  “Executive Compensation:  A Guide to Building Wealth” (send me an email to get the article) and I wanted to use a podcast segment to take a high-level view at the purpose behind that article, and talk about the evolving retirement landscape that I’ve witnessed in my years of practice.  Per the Survey of Consumer Finances conducted by the Federal Reserve Board, the number one reason for individuals to save and invest is to fund their retirement.  With the evolution of the retirement landscape over the past three decades, the creation of defined contribution plans like the 401(k) has shifted the responsibility to individual investors to provide income for their retirement years.  Prior to that, defined benefit pension plans put the responsibility on corporations to provide retirement benefits. This was a fairly sophisticated process involving actuaries and large investment firms which had the responsibility to provide investment returns that provided benefits to thousands of workers.  Due to a multitude of factors including reduced corporate profit margins, increased fixed costs from globalization and subpar returns from lower interest rates, this giant responsibility has been handed off to individual investors living busy and complex lives. The logical question is: “How equipped is today’s business executive to deal with this new responsibility”? And further, “Can a successful retirement be achieved without proper financial advice?”

  • What are the IRS limits on contributions to qualified plans? (3:10)
  • The Human Capital Exchange “80,000 hours” defined (8:30)
  • The Evolution of the Retirement Landscape (9:35)
  • Can you have a successful retirement without the proper advice (15:00)
  • The “Unfunded pension crisis” and whether to take the lump-sum distribution (19:20)
  • Company Stock options (21:40)

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