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The Retirement Solution: “Finding What You Love to Do”

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Podcast Title:  The Retirement Solution: “Finding What You Love to Do”
Podcast Series: Financial Literacy Boot Camp
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Questions/Issues We’ll Address on this Episode:
In today’s episode and maybe for the next couple weeks, I want to highlight some key takeaways from a few case studies that I’ve experienced in my years of practice around the subject of “retirement solutions”.  In addition to starting my own practice last year, I have had the benefit of serving about 600 families with another firm in the 6 years prior.  From that experience, I helped form several “retirement solutions” with several different financial planning strategies and techniques.  This week, I want to address a few key points that relate to success in determining a “retirement solution”.   This is such an important topic to address, so take the time to listen to see where you fit in.  I think everyone is concerned (or will be) about the amount of money they require to fully retire.  So I wanted to address that issue today.

Interesting Fact:  10,000 baby boomers will retire each day for the next 13 years and they will play a big role in wealth transfer over the next several years!

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  • Challenges to the Retirement Solution
    • Changing Demographics (2:45)
    • The “new” Retirement Landscape (4:10)
    • Investment Environment (5:17)
  • Traditional vs. Non Traditional Retirement (7:50)
  • Case study of Ms. J (9:02)
    • Need to Save/Live Frugally (10:15)
    • Leverage Employer Benefits (15:37)
    • Delay Social Security Benefits (17:50)
    • Love what you do (19:25)

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