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Solutions to the Career Transition Problem with special guest Marques Ogden

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Podcast Title:  Solutions to the Career Transition Problem with special guest Marques Ogden
Podcast Series: Financial Literacy Boot Camp
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Questions/Issues We’ll Address on this Episode:
A discussion of “Solutions to the Career Transition Problem”and the tools needed by young athletes to effectively transition from the gridiron to the boardroom!

Marques Ogden and I continue our conversation on “Solutions to the Career Transition Problem” by having a very candid discussion on the tools he used after leaving the NFL to begin his transition into the business world.  We discuss the development of his thought process, a strategic plan, and a business network to launch his next phase in life.  We also cover in the discussion practical examples on what business owners can do to boost their networks during the start-up phase of their business.  We also discuss ways that young professional athletes should be leveraging their brand with non-monetary “human capital” while still playing.  Last, we cover some statistics provided by the CFP Board on financial literacy and savings rates among Americans.  Don’t miss this exciting episode of “Solutions to the Career Transition Problem” brought you DJH Capital Management.

  • Develop a Strategic Plan (3:15)
  • Develop a Network and Talk to People (4:50)
  • Join your Chamber of Commerce (6:30)
  • Leverage Your Brand (20:30)
  • 80% of Americans concerned about not saving enough…what about athletes? (25:35)
  • How to get out of your “comfort zone”? (28:55)

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