Creating “Walk-Away” Wealth: Strategies for the Pension – Part 3

TODAY>>>>Learn how to maximize your pension benefit in your retirement income strategy!

Creating “Walk-Away” Wealth: Strategies for the Pension – Part 3

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So you’re ready to retire and now you have to decide how to take your pension benefit–all at once or over a series of payments.

On today’s show, I’ll help you with your pension strategy by discussing the following…

-why companies moved away from offering pension benefits
-how to determine whether or not to take as a lump-sum
-what you need to do in order to maximize your pension benefit and lower your tax burden
-several considerations that will allow you to use your pension as the “foundation” to your retirement income plan
-what taking your pension benefit early can do to your retirement income strategy

…this and more on this week’s episode!

When determining your retirement income plan, you have a lot to decide…

-How stable is the company you worked for?
-Do you have a spouse?
-What will interest rates be?
-What other sources of income do you have?

All these questions and more in the 3rd episode of the “Creating Walk Away Wealth” series.

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