Creating “Walk-Away” Wealth: Strategies for Equity Compensation – Part 1

Creating “Walk-Away” Wealth: Strategies for Equity Compensation – Part 1

Hosted By: Dominique J. Henderson, Sr., CFP® (Send me an   email)

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Eventually, wouldn’t you like to kick your feet up?

You know…just sit back, relax and live off the fruits of your labor from all the hard years of work.

Before you do this, you’ll need to create “walk-away” wealth.

Join me today, as I begin a new 4-part series on wealth strategies I’m using inside my financial planning practice which enables my clients create “walk-away” wealth.

If you have ever had questions about the following topics, don’t spend another weekend sorting through:

  • 401(k) allocations;
  • employer benefit plans and options;
  • monthly budgets with cumbersome software;
  • employer stock purchase plans;
  • and restricted stock units and stock options

Get out your pen and paper as I walk you through several strategies which will maximize your opportunities to create “walk-away” wealth.

Avoid the common mistakes of “do-it-yourself” financial planning by using these strategies to create wealth for the lifestyle you want!

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