A Financial Literacy Mastermind Discussion: “A Blueprint for 2018 and Beyond”

TODAY’S TOPIC:  A Financial Literacy Mastermind Discussion:  “A Blueprint for 2018 and Beyond”

Hosted By: Dominique J. Henderson, Sr., CFP® (Send me an   email)

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On today’s podcast, I have two very special guests to help me discuss financial literacy, personal development, and overall personal development. Former NFL star turned speaker, author and personal development coach Brandon M. Williams follow on and state representative from Wisconsin and co-author of Wisconsin’s financial literacy bill, Rep. Jason M. Fields follow on .  Both these gentlemen were introduced to me through our unified passion to see financial literacy be integrated deeper into the fabric of our society for the purpose of wealth creation, economic empowerment and work force development.

This discussion unfolded in several segments:

Segment 1-What are some of the obstacles to getting Financial Literacy taught more in the mainstream? (3:38-6:23)

Brandon discusses the shift he’s seen in sports where athletes have started to taken more of an interest in their “lives after sports”. However he feels that the training can start even earlier so that even more athletes have a chance at succeeding after their careers are over.

Segment 2-What is the significance of the passage of a financial literacy bill like that of Wisconsin’s? (6:25-9:03)

Jason discusses the importance of the financial literacy bill recently passed in the state of Wisconsin (Wisconsin Financial Literacy Bill) and the work yet to be done in order that its effects can be felt for the masses.

Segment 3-How do escape from financial illiteracy and arrive at economic empowerment?  (8:58-13:13)

Brandon provides his solution for how one can go from financial illiteracy to being economically empowered and create wealth. He also gives a personal example that he’s witnessed.

Segment 4 – What are some of the benefits of being financially literate?  (14:00-17:55)

Jason lists some of the long-range and wide-reaching benefits of being financially “literate” and the impact this has on the community, society and culture. He also provides an example of something being done in his home state of Wisconsin to help individuals enter the financial services industry.

Segment 5- What and who do you represent as a person or a brand?  (18:55-25:19)

Jason comments on the tremendous responsibility we have as leaders and “would-be” leaders to exemplify the behaviors that will benefit society as a whole and go beyond having a concern for just ourselves. Brandon adds that this type of behavior starts in the home with your own family. He provides a personal example in a transparent moment about his identity struggle as a former NFL star.

Segment 6- How can financial literacy help you become a “human being” vs. “human doing”?  (25:30-34:10)

Both men provide excellent examples of how you can live intentionally with purpose and eclipse being a human doing but evolve into a human being. This state of being, as they both articulate, attracts the resources and people around you that you need in order to fulfill your God-given purpose.


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