Escape Just Living Life 1.0 And Start Thriving In LIFE 2.0 | Experiencing Financial Contentment

by DJH Capital Management, LLC.

It's time to upgrade your life!

there are 3 Common Misconceptions  when planning for your financial Future...

Misconception #1

"I don’t have enough time/not ready"

Although our agendas can be quite full, when it comes to a strategic plan for your financial future, this is something you should prioritize.

Misconception #2

"I don’t have enough money"
On paper this can seem true, but when you look between the black and white you may see a different picture.

Misconception #3

"I don’t need advice, I’ve got it covered"

Malcolm Gladwell has written in Outliers that it requires 10,000 hours before you can claim “expert” status in a given area. 

avoid these misconception traps!

I spent years in financial services before I realized...

That I hadn't aligned my passion and purpose to help people with the skills and knowledge I had attained.  

I had to leave LIFE 1.0 to start experiencing LIFE 2.0! 

It was time for an upgrade...”

I started building the life I wanted...

One that allowed my beliefs and values to be supported by the financial margin I had built in my life.
I discovered "financial contentment".  
After using this with my clients, I decided to create a way for more people to experience

financial contentment.  
I now enjoy recording podcasts, serving a small group of clients, and helping to shape the minds of tomorrow's financial advisors. 

Experience The Maven's Financial Boot Camp...”

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Module 1

I'll teach you to "assess and address"  your situation to identify all your gaps.  We'll cover HOW you can actually be happy in your financial situation by uncovering what the real gaps are.

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Module 2

Then we move on to tools to help you change your view of money and the mindset you need to adopt in order to be successful. We'll Integrate proper money mindset to "adjust" for filling all your gaps. 

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Module 3

Next, I'll help you articulate a message that explains just what you want your money to do for you.  You will learn how to "articulate" your goals with the core elements of financial planning.

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Module 4

Then, we attack your goals so that we are moving the needle towards what you want each and every day!  I'll show you how to implement a strategy to "attack" while enjoying the daily journey! 

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Finally, learn to "live into your success" and maintain your hard-earned progress!

What Others are Saying...


I love the exercise for this module. It causes you to [do] some soul searching while motivating [you] to achieve your goals and dreams. I like that in a few months, a year, or years from now I can do this same exercise again and see my progress...


Module 1 hit home for me as I feel I personally have a lot to learn and improve regarding [our] finances. I would like to print " don't have being-right bias, have a "finding truth" bias." That's sooooo good.


A lot of time you read books and watch videos that are supposed to be for beginners, but I love that you make the material comprehensive for those that are beginners or novices when it comes to financial knowledge and management.

I truly believe this will help so many people and change so many lives including mine!

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It's time to stop just surviving and start thriving!

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Achieve harmony in your marriage


create rhythm for your ideal life


adopt the proper mindset for your ideal life

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