Using a Market Collapse to Benefit Your Portfolio

Finding opportunity in chaos is one timeless investment strategy that has been used by many saavy investors.  Recent events in the market prove that recent chaos is just as good an opportunity to benefit as any other time past.  Divergent monetary policy, commodity price implosions, mutual fund liquidations, and the list continues.  How could you […]

Higher Interest Rates…So What’s the Problem?Part 2

Last post I spent some time discussing the impact of higher interest rates on portfolio strategy for investors.  I thought that it might make sense to discuss possible global effects as opposed to individual portfolios.  There are many implications for how a given economy may respond to moves in key interest rates that has various portfolio implications […]

Higher Interest Rates…So What’s the Problem?

As an investment consultant that manages fixed income portfolios, I have often discussed the implications of interest rates on portfolios. Those conversations usually begin and end pretty interestingly. However, I would have to say that by and large the impact of interest rate moves on existing portfolios (and portfolio construction for that matter) is over-stated. […]

5 Additional Things to Do in Volatile Markets- Part 2

A couple of weeks ago we started a two-part series to discuss recommendations in volatile markets.  As promised, here is installment #2 of things to do in volatile markets. 3) Diversify a bit more.  There is probably not enough written about diversification in portfolios, but it has been proven that superior returns are directly related to […]

5 Additional Things to Do in Volatile Markets

A few weeks ago I penned a post highlighting some of the most important things I recommend doing in volatile markets.  In light of the continued volatility, I thought I would provide some additional thoughts on what can be done to provide perspective and help ease any anxiety you may feel about your investment portfolio. 1) Focus on your […]

No Investment Portfolio Should be Like Fantasy Football!

Investing is for the long-term.  Fantasy football–not so much.  Over the years I have seen many an investor attempt to play the odds and hit the home-run in their portfolio.  It is similar to fantasy football when you essentially set a “short-term” lineup based on expert tips to hopefully achieve a win.  Your investment portfolio […]

Revisiting the Rules of Engagement

In the last few decades with the advent of self-directed defined contribution plans (versus defined benefit), it has become more necessary to engage a financial professional to assist in future spending needs.  In the 2013 Risks and Process of Retirement Survey report, it states that “in 1974, defined benefit plans covered 44% of private sector workers, but today […]

5 Things Investors Should Do Now

Recently I read a beautifully written article by WSJ’s Jason Zweig entitled 5 Things Investors Shouldn’t Do Now.  So, I thought I’d piggy back on that idea and express what I feel investors should do now.  These are steps that can be taken by any investors at any level.  So here goes… 1) Deploy additional capital.  As an […]

Is Tax Loss Harvesting an Oxymoron?

In grade school oxymoron was one of those words that could make you giggle after someone uttered it.  If I heard any word with “moron” in it, it sent me chuckling, so maybe that was just me. Funny though, I find that often enough individuals focus too intensely on “part” of something and miss considering the “whole” […]

7.692=5.00 “The Sequel”

Referring to my last post, think about the significance of this difference of 2.692 per cent.  (We’ll call it the taxable equivalent spread.)   I mentioned that the TEY or taxable equivalent yield (it’s time for you to get used to the language used in the investment world!) of a municipal bond is the proper metric to compare to […]