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Podcast Title:  Solutions to the Career Transition Problem: “Developing a Millionaire Mindset” with Brandon M. Williams
Podcast Series: Financial Literacy Boot Camp
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  • (3:07)–Brandon’s background and journey in college and professional football
  • (6:50)–Brandon’s transition from football to broadcasting; his mindset when leaving NFL and not reaching all his goals while playing in the NFL
  • (11:45) –Brandon’s perspective on wealth management and what drove his decision
  • (16:40)–Brandon takes us inside the NFL locker room;
  • (23:10) –Brandon and his passion for financial literacy and his partnership with Wisconsin’s new financial literacy legislation
  • (31:25) –Brandon’s life advice: “Lead with your life”.  HAVE VISION, BE INTENTIONAL WITH YOUR TIME, LIVE WITH STANDARDS
  • (40:20) –Brandon’s key to “developing a millionaire mindset”

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