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Podcast Title:  Solutions to the Career Transition Problem: Discovering Passion from Adversity with Ernest Owusu
Podcast Series: Financial Literacy Boot Camp
(Video and illustrations available on our YouTube channel here.)


  • (1:25)–Ernest’s journey into football, his perspective as an undrafted free agent competing in the NFL and what it felt like when he started to realize the “business” part of being a player in the NFL;
  • (8:58)–the transition process he went through when an injury related to his sickle cell trait caused his premature exit from the league and what some of the crucial decisions he made during that time;
  • (11:05)–we also talked about his money habits (and where they came from) and the discipline he employed while being in the spotlight of the National Football League; and
  • (15:15) –we talk about what Ernest did when coming out the NFL and what he feels are important traits to develop around networking
  • (19:55)–how he used a tragedy in his life to find a real passion around becoming an advocate for persons dealing with the sickle trait disease and all he’s doing now to build awareness around that subject within the athletic community;
  • (25:25) –Finally, we talk about some of the most important life lessons has gleaned from playing in the NFL and his advice to younger athletes


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