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Podcast Title:  The Low-Down on Financial Advisor Credentials
Podcast Series: Financial Literacy Boot Camp
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Questions/Issues We’ll Address on this Episode:

How many financial advisors are there?  (5:15)

Per the BLS there are 249,400 (in 2014) of “financial advisors”.

How many financial advisors are there?  (7:20)

Natural Questions….Which one should I work with? Which designation is “better”? What are the qualifications to become one? How are they regulated?

Top Down View on Advisors and their Specialty (8:15)
What is a CFP and what are the requirements? (9:35)
What is CFA and what are the requirements? (16:12)
What is CPA and what are the requirements? (20:35
Other designations (23:10)

Other Resources:

FINRA website for designation comparison
Episode 24 on Advisor Compensation
Episode 22 on What to Look for in an Advisor
5 Tips Before Hiring a Financial Advisor
10 Questions to Ask Your Financial Advisor

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