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Podcast Title:  The Importance of an Estate Plan:  “Transferring Your Wealth and Wishes”
Podcast Series: Financial Literacy Boot Camp
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Questions/Issues We’ll Address on this Episode:
In today’s episode we continue the series we started about various case studies that I’ve come across and found interesting.  This week we’ll address the importance of an estate plan.  I think the general consensus from talking to many people is that they associate this level of readiness with something that has nothing to do with the importance of an estate plan.  What is the association?  I’m not going to die right now.  This association is misguided at best, and catastrophic at worst—I believe it is that they feel they have much longer to live and time to address the importance of an estate plan.  It also may be perhaps because they feel they don’t have a lot of assets to raise a fuss about, suffice to say, developing an estate plan is not as much about your date of death as it is about having a say.  Nonetheless, we will discuss what a properly formulated estate plan is really designed to do by using a couple of client case studies that underscore the importance of an estate plan.

  • The Common Misconception (2:25)
  • Giving yourself a Say (5:10)
  • Purpose of an Estate Plan (7:15)
  • Purpose of Probate Process (9:30)
  • Components of an estate plan (12:00)
  • Case Study of Mary (13:50)
  • Case Study of Suzy (16:17)

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